House Rules

  • Smoking & consumption of Alcohol is strictly not allowed in the premises
  • Outside food is not allowed in the premises.
  • Photo identification card is mandatory to all guests while check in Krishivan.
  • Stay for Extra person is limited to two & is chargeble.
  • We do not allow pets on our property.
  • All servants and drivers accompanied will be charged 250/- per night for stay. Food for servants & drivers will be charged at actual food rates.
  • Accommodation reserves the right to refuse admission without any refund if the special instructions are not followed.

Safety Precautions:

Visitors to Krishivan should know that they are visiting an agricultural farm. It is covered with tall trees, thick vegetation, deep water bodies etc. as an inherent part of the agricultural farm. Though we have taken due care for the safety of our guests, we do not have total control on accidents happening due to fall of trees, fruits etc. Also, some insects, lizards and animals are part & parcel of farm. Visitors are expected to take care when they are on the farm.

Our Stay Facilities