Adivasi Huts

Wooden Huts

Canvas Tents

Meals Schedule

Breakfast - 9.15 am to 10.15 am.
Lunch - 1.15pm to 2.15 pm. Dinner - 9.00pm.
Tea - 7am to 7 pm only. 
*Lunch dinner or breakfast after or before time schedule will not be served. "Sorry" for the inconvenience. All meals, breakfast, tea will be served in dining area only (Except for senior citizens or a patient's only on request in room)

Essential to know:
  • There is no TV facility on the Krishivan property.
  • Guests should carry back plastic bags and plastic bottles along with them

Essential to Carry:
  • Medicines (if any)
  • Good and comfortable walking shoes and footwear to keep your feet happy during all the travelling and walking that you would do.
  • Torch and candles
  • Binoculars (for bird watching)
  • We recommend carry clothes that are climate-friendly & comfortable, 4-5 sets of comfortable clothes (as washing of clothes at Krishivan is not allowed)
  • Camera & chargers/batteries
  • Guests are requested to get their own towels for Beach use.
  • In case of kids along, inform us 2-3 days before check in, about their milk requirement and other necessary thing to be arranged.